Mobile application management in Skype For Business

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Microsoft has introduced a new feature into Skype For Business to help close the gap between the end user and corporate network policies that IT enforce.

With the introduction of Intine MAM policies can now be configured and associated to an app, this allows for example a pin code to be used for across all apps used on mobile devices for conditional access. An true aspect of productivity is making sure that all employees can communicate no matter the location they are at. However, faced with protecting and securing corporate data has all but become a necessity in todays business world.

Limiting and controlling which information can be exchange between apps , allowing managed and unmanaged applications to talk can help ensure that an employee is not allowed to leave the company with sensitive information. This also allows an increases the abilities for IT security to selectively wipe and control what data is kept on a company phone.

Conditional access allows IT departments to restrict access to the apps on approved and compliant devices, restricting tampered or Jailbroken phones from being used on the corporate network. This not only increases the security that can be provided for the end-user but for the company as well, helping enforce an secure the corporate network.

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